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8-11 years old


Through the creation of their own cartoons and computer games in Scratch programming language, the children develop logical and algorithmic thinking. Kids will present their self- developed projects after each block. They will engage with popular science on different topics, such as physics or history to widen their horizon.

Skills learned:

12-14 years old


Over its almost 30 years of existence, Python has become one of the most popular programming languages. Modern giants like Instagram, Spotify, Pinterest, Dropbox, Uber and Reddit all use Python. The most popular games like Battlefield 2, The Sims 4 or World of Tanks are also built on Python.

Skills learned:

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"My son Xabier says Algorithmics is great. He learns a lot and says the teacher is really nice. He genuinely enjoys it and is really motivated. He likes to practice at home and if he needs help, his teacher responds right away. Really recommended."
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"It has been the best of all the distance learning experiences so far 🙂 So, really thanks!!! My boy enjoys studying online, works at home very willingly and constantly asks when the next lesson will be."
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"My 8-year-old son Alain is really pleased. He says he has a great time learning and that the lessons make him think a lot. He even says he learns more during the lessons than he does at school."


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